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Why invites only?

The site is currently being re-built. Features from the old site are being reviewed, re-thought and added to the new site, one by one. Then they are tested to make sure everything works smoothly. It takes time and it's better to have all the good parts in place before unlocking the registration.

Why is the site both in English and Swedish?

The site is under construction and translating the site is still on the to do-list.

I want to select an item to give to my friend. How can I do that?

First you have to get a public link to the list from your friend. Then you have to register as a Giver to unlock the give mode. After that you will see what items you can select and what items others have already selected.

How can I un-select an item I have selected on a friend's list?

Unlock the give mode first. Then either click the Cancel button or update the selected quantity to 0.