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Re-building the site from scratch with Laravel to make it easier to maintain the code. Read all about the changes released to the site in this changelog.

0.7.1 2018-10-28

Both Login form and Signup form on the startpage in tabs.

Fix: Signup form styling more in line with rest of the site.

0.7.0 2018-10-27

User's last login time is saved.

Fix: Correct timezone

0.6.2 2018-10-20

Add items to the list when editing the list.

Minor adjustments to list edit view.

Changed maxlength of item name and list title to 100.

Fix: When a new list is created it will now show edit view for the new list.

Fix: Unauthorized users could access edit view for other users' lists and items (but they couldn't save any changes).

0.5.0 2018-10-14

Item can now be marked as "Got it!". Optional to add date when item was received.

Fixed item order on list when viewing as giver.

0.4.0 2018-09-23

Select a category for your items. Category is shown with an icon in the list.

Copy public link to clipboard. In edit list view.

0.3.0 2018-09-09

Possible to change position of the items on the lists.

Only list view is the public list. Edit list view is updated.

Fix: Unselecting all lists for one item is now saved correctly.

0.2.0 2018-08-26

Cookie notice.

Public list view has new styling.

You can register as a Giver for a public list. As a giver you can select the items that you intend to give and see what others have already selected.

Terms & conditions when registering for an account and as a giver.

0.1.2 2018-08-23

New logo saying this is a test site.

0.1.1 2018-08-20

Fixed mobile styilng.

0.1.0 2018-08-19

MVP (minimum viable product) release. Features include creating lists, creating items and adding them to lists. All lists are public.